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Les Nuits d'Ete with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and Edo de Waart

  • Cover Article with Classical Singer Magazine by Amanda Keil 2013

  • Backstage with Sasha Cooke, Chamber Music Northwest

"It's hard to put into words what one composer feels like in comparison to another. I love all of these composers equally so it isn't easy to rate them, but as with any area, one has tendencies. I suppose it's similar to the way one describes their friendships. Each has its own special nature and individuality. Why do some of us prefer chocolate over vanilla, it's hard to say."

"The teachers I came across said, "You have something you should treasure." I remember telling my teacher at Rice that I wished I could sound like everybody else. I wanted to sound like the sopranos, like the Queen of the Night. And she said, "it's good to be different." That really stayed with me."

  • Interview with San Francisco Examiner Online 

  • "With a weak economy, people often talk about how art is not as important, but in bad times, I think it's actually the other way around. Art is vital because it brings us back to our humanity, generosity and all of the things we really need to be in touch with."  

    Feature Review of If you love for beauty CD in "Audiophile Audition"

    Masterclasses in North America and Abroad

    "She was truly inspiring  and I learned so much about music and life at her master class. I will  always remember what I learned and I feel so privileged to have been  given the opportunity of meeting her and watching her perform. Thank you very much." -Freshman voice major

    "I wanted to thank you for choosing such a beautiful, artistic performer. As a student majoring in vocal
    performance who is currently exploring graduate programs and going through the auditions process, it is
    truly inspiring to observe and learn from such a stunning role model, who is stellar both on and off the stage.
    I had the opportunity to participate in her master class and to speak with her after her recital, and it was truly a tremendous experience. While sometimes the best performers are the one that sell out the house, such as Chris Thile (another great choice!) last night, others, such as Sasha Cooke, make their impact through the depth of their connection with those who are present. And Sasha Cooke's was the most moving I have ever attended. I hope you continue to select guest artists of her caliber, both in talent and in humble, inspiring persona." -Senior voice major 

    • November 2018         UCLA masterclass, Los Angeles, California

    • April 2018         Masterclass New Zealand School of Music, 
    •                       Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

    • July 2016      Weeklong Residency of Master Classes in Art Song, students age 23-28 
    •                                   Toronto Summer Music Festival, Canada

    • April 2016      Discussion Forum with YAVA Artists of the Houston Grand Opera

    • Jan 2016     Masterclass with voice majors of Stephen King's studio
    •                                             Rice University, Houston, TX

    • Oct 2013       Masterclass with high school choirs/ private and university students 
    • University of MN, Duluth/ University of WI, Superior/ Hermantown HS   

    Oct 2013     Masterclass with vocal majors, graduate and undergraduate 
                                            Emory University, Atlanta, GA

    • Sept 2013        Masterclass with undergraduate majors
    • University of Arkansas, Little Rock, AR

    • July 2013      Masterclass with voice students at Aspen Music Festival
    •                                                        Aspen, CO

    • April 2013      Masterclass with voice majors, graduate and undergraduate 
    •                                          University of Texas, Austin, TX

    • January 2013     Master class with non music-majors
    •                                         San Jacinto College, Houston, TX

    January 2013     Discussion Forum with undergraduates 
                                             Rice University, Houston, TX

    • August 2011   Discussion Forum with middle and high school age instrumentalists 
    •                                       Music@Menlo, Atherton, CA

    • March 2010     Residencies with several area high schools 
    •   Lyric Theater Recital Series, Palm City, FL

    • November 2010     Master class with undergraduates 
    •                                             University of Louisville, KY 

    • January 2010     Master classes with undergrad and high school students 
    • Lied Center of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

    December 2009  Discussion forum and performance for students 
    • Cedarburg High School, Cedarburg, WI

    • April 2009        Master class with UC Davis students 
    • Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts, Davis, CA

    • April 2009       Master class with high school age singers 
    • Washington Centerfor the Performing Arts, Olympia, WA

    • April 2008       Residencies in area high schools 
    • University System of Georgia Recital Series, Athens, GA
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    Chausson: Chanson perpétuelle, Op. 37
    Chausson: Poème de l'amour et de la mer, Op. 19
    Hahn: Chansons grises (7)

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